What I’ve done

A collection of projects I’ve been involved in, grouped by clients

Studio Colleselli & Partners:
VENICE PORT AUTHORITY – New touristic port in the Marghera area inside the “Industriale Nord” canal. Final and detailed design (PDF)
VENICE PORT AUTHORITY – Rehabilitation and consolidations Works Of S.Marta Quay In Venice city centre (PDF)
NEW MOTORWAY BREBEMI DIRECT CONNECTION MILAN-BRESCIA – Geotechnical consultancy and design for final project development (PDF)

HMR S.r.l (italian)
Porzile Channel adaptation in Cavarzere (italian)
Hydraulic safety setting of Favaro Veneto (italian)
Submarine drainage channel in Sottomarina (italian)
Purifyng plant in Sorgà (italian)
Hydraulic plant in Mestre (italian)
Water supply and drainage system in Isola Verde, Chioggia (italian)
Bridge over Bacchiglione river (italian)

Idroesse Infrastrutture SpA
A31 Motorway Valdastico
Junction in via Sarpi: new railway bridge

AREAingegneria (italian)
Special water main in Venice (italian)

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Eleven years have passed since I started working in the CAD world. To be honest, I’ve been using CAD programs since school, so I could say a number like 15 or 16 years, but eleven are the years I’ve been being payed for.
Let’s be clear, we must be honest for every young person who could read this: if you want to be cool, to have girls (or boys, why not?), to gain big money, well, abandon your CAD workstation, and do something else. Yes, sincerely, in Italy they say a plumber, ora an electrician are more gainful. They say, I’ve never tried my own.
After all, I like to be a draftsman. I can make things to be built, I make them real. Well, not quite real… I make them realizible. That’s what I like, to see, at the end, my work become real, structures emerging from the ground, rising to the sky, being used by people. There are moments in life I feel them mine, the bridge I rendered, the road I designed, the viaduct I realized detail drawings for. Even if none of those pacing on thei surface knows what’s behind it, I feel they are part of me, of what I am.
Who am I? My name is Fabio, I’ve been a draftsman for years. I’ve been working with AutoCAD, ProgeCAD, Bricscad, Google Sketchup, Blender, Rhino. I develop CAD applications with AutoLISP and OpenDCL. I’ve been working mainly in civil engineering, covering hydraulic, structures and road design. Occasionally I’ve been working in th architecture field.
I’ve drawn bridges, viaducts, roads, underpasses, overpasses, sewage systems, acqueducts, drainage systems, safety plans, and other things I don’t remember right now.

I’d like to share what I learned with you

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Testo di prova

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